Sculptures en terre
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Jean-philippe richard


Jean-Philippe Richard, sculptor drome provencale France

Provence et Lubéron

Jean-Philippe Richard is emotionally attached to Provence, where he feels at home.

His first taste of success came in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where, for some years, he even owned a gallery located in the historic center. One of his bronze sculptures "Justine" still stands in the garden of the public library.

Nevertheless, the artist, who truly loves gardens, found a wonderful setting to create a path dotted with sculptures in the park of the "Hôtel de l'Image" located on the boulevard that circles the historic center. The overall architecture is impressive and features a private mansion in the front and in the background the former movie theater, converted now into a hotel.  In the middle of the property there is a seven acre park with a stunning view over the Alpilles, in the heart of the Provence, which consists of a contemporary garden and the kitchen garden of chef Christophe Chiavola.

Jean-Philippe Richard also enjoys the verdant Luberon where the jumble of cliff-hanging villages delights him. There are also a number of sculptures in the garden of the "Hôtel des Bories" in Gordes.