Sculptures en terre
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Jean-philippe richard


Jean-Philippe Richard, sculptor drome provencale France


Jean-Philippe Richard is deeply attached to his one and only studio in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies (in Provence, France), a space that is open and dedicated to spontaneous encounters and friends just passing by. The artist has never succeeded in working elsewhere.

The studio, which is rather small for a sculptor, is located in a traditional village house, on the upper floor, capped by a dome-shaped skylight, thus enabling the precision work that his modeling requires.  Downstairs is dedicated to bronze processing, where the sculptor is helped by Eric Ortiz, who he trained.

His studio is, of course, filled with previously created clay models, raw clay bricks for tests, terra-cotta ? and crystal blocks, the main kiln (which is assembled and dismantled after each firing) and some others test kilns: everything linked to a maze of electrical connections. This room is, for the sculptor, the heart of his creative space, with metal structures and an overhead crane in order to lift his pieces up and to rotate them so they can be seen all around.